1. Get your Beetchip through Bluenumber

If you want to make a donation just follow these simple instructions.

First please go to the Bluenumber 'About' page and navigate to the 'Support Us' section.

Select the amount of Beetchips worth of funding you would like to provide.

Fill in the details with your Name and Mobile Number and pay with credit card or Paypal.

We’ll do the rest. Your Beetchips will be registered in your name. We’ll send you confirmation with details on how to track the project and see Christa delivering her community impact.

Later if you set up an ADA wallet we will transfer your NFST to you.

2. Create your own wallet and purchase from BCX

These are the steps we suggest:

  • Use the Chrome browser.
  • Add the extensions for either a Nami or Yoroi wallet.

These two wallets handle ADA are are quite easy to setup and use.

You can find the extension downloads here:

ADA Transfer

You must have a wallet like these to receive your Cardano NFTs. You cannot use an exchange wallet (like Kraken. Coinbase, Nuri, etc.) to store Cardano NFTs.

Transfer at least 60 ADA from your exchange wallet into your Nami/Yoroi. The cost of a Beetchip is 55 ADA, and there will be some small transaction fees as you move the ADA around, so you should have at least that amount ready to go.

You can access the Bluechip Exchange at https://bluenumber.org/bluechip/.

Bear with us as we make this first drop. There are a number of ‘firsts’ and we expect there will be some issues as people cut their teeth for the first time in setting-up wallets and getting into this world. I confess that I am on a steep learning curve myself.

In the process there is sign-up process. To buy a Beetchip you will need to download the Bluenumber App because all Buyers are registered so there is full transparency both on who is supporting the project as well as who is delivering the impact. All the steps are there and it is even easier than setting-up your Nami/Yoroi wallet.

Thanks to all who have expressed your support for what we are doing. If you manage to get one of the first-ever drop to support Christa’s efforts in Philadelphia then I’m sure the satisfaction of being linked to this project, as well as the potential value of owning one of the first-ever NFSTs is a tale to tell!

Best, Puvan